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Some Guest Reviews from Seyscapes Facebook page

Sunset sail into anchorage in front of Anse Severe - La Digue

Cocos islands - Felicite in the background - Aquarium like for snorkelling

Mid passage dip between Mahe and La Digue - off Biter rock

Nayan Ravani - October 2017

Tina and Edwin are wonder couple as well as wonderful skippers. They thought us sailing as well as snorkelling. When we are in their yacht they become like family members to us not like business persons. Because of their friendly behaviour and support we have discovered coco island also. If you are visiting Seychelles you should take trip with Tina and Edwin at Tina yacht. Real beauty of Seychelles can only be seen with Edwin and Tina. Thank you Edwin and Tina to make our trip memorable by showing us real beauty and of Seychelles.

La Digue sunset cruise

Tex Albert - July 2017

Sailing on this 47 footer yacht 'Tina' between Mahé and La Digue, overnight 26-27 July, was such a j((((( <3 )))))yful experience.

This well-appointed craft held an even keel under main sail and genoa in South Easterly at 10 knots with 1 - 1.5 metre waves, mostly sideways, and averaged 6.5 knots with minimal engine power.

Skipper Edwin Adrienne and mate, wife, Tina make such a great team. Of course they have ample experience on the high seas considering they sailed their yacht from England to Seychelles in five and a half months!

This is indeed a crew with 'a story', or stories, occasionally short for words before the awe-inspiring beauty while navigating the waters amidst some of the inner island gems of Seychelles, and when concentrating on the synchronised tasks at hand.

Tina is most attentive to ensuring that all aboard are generously fed with delicious fare. The dishes were savoured with sea-whetted appetite. A special mention for the idyllic breakfast, including an array of colourful and delicious tropical fruits, shared on deck in the glow of sunrise at La Passe jetty, La Digue.

I'm looking forward with enthusiasm to my next day, or overnight, sailing with Edwin and Tina on their comfortable yacht.

Aakash Ponda - October 2017

Sailing on yacht Tina from 13th to 16th of october 2017 has been one of the most thrilling and memorable experiences of my life. Edwin and Tina were exceptional hosts(more like friends now) and their teamwork was simply superb. Edwin taught me and my brother the basics of sailing and Tina told us the most wonderful stories of their lives and journeys and also taught us how to anchor the yacht and tie up ropes. For Edwin the safety of the passengers is the utmost priority which is highly appreciated. We hopped around Mahé , La Digue , Praslin , Coco Island in the Yacht and did snorkelling at the best spots possible. We were very lucky to see the Hawksbill turtles , A baby shark, few stingrays , A BLACK PARROT (Which is very very rare to spot) , and hundreds of other fishes. Ediwn and Tina also cooked us lovely vegetarian food. Tina is one of the most organized persons I have ever met and everything on the yacht is neatly arranged and very luxurious. Tina also gave us various tips for our remaining trip in Mahé. My trip to the beautiful Seychelles couldnt have been better thanks to Edwin, Tina and Yacht Tina. I highly recommend everyone to go aboard Yacht Tina with Seyscapes Yacht Charter.

Jaron Winston - October 2017

Great Experience. Go sail with Edwin and Tina. Dream come true--sailing the Seychelles. They took great care of us. They are expert sailors so you will have a great time. They will take you anywhere you want to go.

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