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Our journey - UK to Seychelles

A brief account of our Journey to Seychelles...more to come!

"Tina" ready to leave Tollesbury Marina, Essex, England

On the 18th September 2016 we set off from Tollesbury Marina on the Blackwater estuary and turned South for our journey home.

The journey took a total 5 and half months, with weather, maintenance, "piracy" and supplies issues to overcome along the way. From falling backwards down a wave in Biscay to waiting out a storm hiding behind islands off Yemen and sailing across the world's most infamous piracy infested waters, the wonderfully generous people we met along the way, and discovering the real people behind some of the most reported countries on our route.

"Tina" in Seychelles waters, anchored off Bird Island, 7th March 2017

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